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Whole day online educational workshop?

Well, if you had asked me couple of months ago, if it was possible to deliver whole day educational workshop online in the same quality which we can get from face to face classroom education, you would see doubts in my face. 😟

The limitations are pretty clear, right?

Yet, thanx to OKIN Facility CZ we did. And we proved it is possible.

I believe that it was fantastic, non-trivial and a bit surprising entry point into topics like creativity, innovations and change management.

Thanks to all participants for wonderful experience, great focus, taste to learn and superb skill to develop together in real time the content of the workshop based on your own experience and open and living dialogue together with lecturer! It was not easy in the online session. And you did it.

You were great! Hats off. 🤜🤛 🏆🎖

, Jindriska Souckova, Alexandra Borcioiu, Petar Krastanov, Martin Polepil, Jaroslav Vaněk, Petra Ocelakova, Milan März, Tatyana Khodakova, Krystyna Helińska, Dalibor Lukes, Adéla Křížová, Martin Machala, Borislav Nankinski, Lubomír Močko, Václav Trávník, sebeVědomě.cz, Dagmar Poláchová, MBA, Radovan Čierný, @Malecka Olga, @Klimešová Lucie


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